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Welcome to High Country Christmas Trees. We are located in the Northwestern Blue Ridge Mountains in Boone, North Carolina. High Country Christmas Trees specialize in growing only Fraser Fir, which are the Cadillac of Christmas Tree species. We pride ourselves in growing high quality, healthy, dense Fraser Fir Christmas Trees.

As a small grower we can harvest trees within a few days of delivery ensuring that our customers receive a fresh tree. We ecourage you to visit and take a tour of our farms.

Fraser Firs are native only to the High Peaks of North Carolina and Virgina above 6,000 feet elevation. Our trees are centered in the Fraser Fir's native habitat, which means we have the perfect growing conditions to cultivate the Fraser Fir.

High Country Frasier Fir Christmas Tree Farm

The North Carolina Fraser Fir is the most popular Christmas Tree in North America. They have soft needles with strong branches to support ornaments. The Fraser Fir also has excellent needle retention, long lasting endurance, deep green color, and incomparable fragrance. It has won the National Christmas Tree contest more than any other species and has been the official White House Christmas Tree 11 times.

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